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The era of export
Train and Brain 4 (05) 2019
Export is important for industrial enterprises due to several reasons. First of all, it brings extra profit. Secondly, it is an opportunity to diversify production and sales channels. In addition, it is a perfect strength test. Working in isolation from the rest of the world is not as challenging as facing global competition. Only market will tell real strength from inflated self-esteem.
Magazine about innovations and current trends
in the field of transport engineering
Welcome to the hybrid future!
Transmashholding (TMH) is developing a new range of hybrid shunting locomotives. The first concept was presented by the manufacturer at the International Railway Fair PRO//Motion.Expo in Scherbinka. Mr. Mikhail Rozhkov, Engineering Director of Transmashholding, and Mr. Igor Seleznev, Deputy CEO of Ctrl2GO Group, share the details on the innovative locomotives by TMH.
«Locomotive and infrastructure must begin to intercommunicate»
The main task of any control system in the railway sector is to ensure sufficient carrying capacity of the infrastructure and to provide safety. Amid an increase in traffic, however, the potential of existing systems is exhausted. We asked Andrey Romanchikov, Director General of LocoTech-Signal, why it is not always necessary to build new tracks to improve the efficiency of transportation and what role digital technologies can play in fulfilling the task.
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